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Big decision has to be made.

Hello everybody, my name is Damiano and I am a fellow LJer from Italy...well I am now in Florida.

I was just made an offer to teach Italian at SMU in Dallas, but I have no clue what it is like, what it looks like, what life is like there, and so on...I apologise!

I have lived in Italy all my life, a semester in France, and the past two years in Gainesville, FL (at the Univ of FL)...I've been to NYC and Boston, and NC and SC, and CA.

I would love to know what the school is like, what Dallas is like,...anything, really!

I am 25, easy-going, laid-back, I love sports (soccer, bball, vball, swimming, MTBiking), music (punkrock, hc, indie, britpop,...), nature, traveling and languages of course,...stuff like that.

I was also made an offer by GVSU in Grand Rapids, MI and I have until Monday to decide...please help me!

Although the SMU contract is better, I have no clue what the school and city are like, so I am little hesitant so far. More specifically, how's the party scene, the clubs (any curfew?) and stuff like that?

Thank you in advance! :)
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